Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Solvit Security Solutions offers variety of CCTV services as per your specification. Closed Circuit Television has emerged to be one of the most preferred aspects of electronic security. This is because it’s both preventive and curative. CCTV is preventive in the sense that, once people realize it is in place, there is a psychological alertness coupled with shifting of intent from evil to sobriety. It is curative in that, it leaves a clear evidence of daily activities by way of recording and storing all the activities within the covered areas.

24/7 Expert support

The ever-looking unblinking eye

All our CCTV services are supported by security experts round the clock everyday!

Trusted servers

Secure Data Backup

All our clients enjoy safe and secure and reliable data backup both for analyses and loss prevention

Security on the go!

Advanced multi-platform integration

Our multi-platform integrations allow our clients to seamlessly access all the security devices wherever they are


Solvit Security Solutions offers a higher hierarchy of Access Control Systems which is Biometric Finger Print Access Control System. Access Control Systems came to be procured under Occupational Safety Policy to help bring down the level of security risks to low and manageable levels. Proper access controls would bring about safety to people’s lives and property.