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   Executive Protection
Solvit Security Solutions  provides Executive Protection   agents,to VIP executives, government officials, celebrities and politicians and to any one   seeking our specialized protective services. In today's world so many people and their families are potential targets
from unwanted and hostile activities that affect their personal
 safety,reputation, welfare, and business.

  Celebrity Protection
 Solvit Security Solutions provides a full range of  celebrity   protection,from protecting against stalkers and over zealous fans,to discreetly escorting a client  to their public or private destinations. we are experienced in the full range of celebrity
protection including local and international entities, and provides the level of personalize services that a celebrity would expect.

 Events Security
We have provided security and personal protection at a variety of events.we perform advance on-site security evaluations, establish protocols detailing security needs, contact and liaison with area law enforcement agencies and event staff, and marshal the requisite number of trained security personnel who are experienced in large crowd control. Our expertise and attention to detail has earned us an excellent reputation in the field of event security.

Whatever our client's status or whether they are at home or in a hotel, carrying out normal daily tasks or making a public appearances, their security will evolve constantly in proportion to the threat against them enabling the security officers to control access to the client according to the client's wishes.



Solvit is ISO 9001:2008  CERTIFIED


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