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Closed Circuit Television has emerged to be one of the most preferred aspects of electronic security. This is because it is both preventive and curative. CCTV is preventive in the sense that, once people realize it is in place, there is a psychological alertness coupled with shifting of intent from malicious to sobriety.It's curative in that, it leaves a clear evidence of daily activities by way of recording and storing all the activities within the covered areas.This can be achieved with the use of Intelligent DVR (Digital Video Recorder) machines which support TCP/IP (Internet Protocol) functionality.

CCTV never leaves anything to chance; it surpasses your vision and gives you the chance of retrieving whatever events that have been stored. When properly installed and maintained by qualified personnel, the system would lead to incidences, activities and past occasion recoveries.

Effective alarm operation requires the transmission and response of alarms and also the continual monitoring of system conditions: Our systems provides the following alarm response conditions
 Intruder Alarms
 Personal Attack
 Duress Alarms
 Power Fail at the premises /Factories
 Low Battery condition for standby power
 System Fault or tampers
 System Isolation
 System Maintenance
 Break Down Service Action
With a properly maintained and monitored security system, we provide  the best chance against loss of possessions and protection of your family or business.

Medical Emergency
Fire Alarm
Low/High Voltage/ Temperature
Hazardous gas protection
Freezer Temperature

Solvit is ISO 9001:2008  CERTIFIED


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