Active Perimeter breach deterrent & detection systems are our specialty! For electric high voltage fences, Solvit Security Solutions  is definitely the team to talk to. Whether your need is; game fencing, Big 5 fences, domestic wall top, business, commercial or industrial,  we can design a site specific perimeter fence solution right for you.

Quality is never sacrificed. We always choose the leading products and the right materials. We are a  approved installer, and our products and workmanship are all backed by a full guarantee. Solvit Security Solutions electric fence  is installed by our highly qualified team. Our main goal is to give you prompt efficient service and professional advice.


Electric Fencing not only offers effective protection but also a psychological deterrent, if the fence wires are deflected by vertical movement, contacting strands either side or cutting the strands, the system will cause a short circuit on the fence line, and trigger the alarm, giving an audible and visual indication of a fence breach.


The fence controller is a monitored alarm system; the fences are  zoned for easier detection of breaching.False alarms are virtually non-existent, as the fence will only go into alarm when a concerted effort is made to break the perimeter security.

The system is capable of protecting and controlling any number of zones providing a very flexible solution for most requirements.





Solvit is ISO 9001:2008  CERTIFIED


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