Biometric finger print reader            


Biometric finger print reader and door Lock 

 Access Control Systems:
Solvit Security Solutions offers a variety of Access Control Systems to manage gates and entrances.In managing pedestrians we Biometric Access Control Systems, Turnstiles and walk through metal detectors .

In managing gates and entrances we offer a complete gate access control system which may comprise any of the following: High security Bollards, electric arm barrier, High security arm barrier, concrete arm barrier, traffic lights, pneumatic damper barrier, road blocker, sliding console security gate and spike system.

In managing motor vehicles apart from the above gate access control, we offer the latest 3 dimension under vehicle inspection system. This provides the perfect solution to identify concealed threats at the undercarriage of vehicles entering or exiting a secured premises.

This system works with an LPR camera and stores data of every vehicle using the license plate and a high resolution color photo of the undercarriage and the drivers photo with that of the vehicle forms complete data entered into the database for future reference. The system allows the security inspector at the gate to zoom in, pan and observe objects in 3D thus achieving maximum security.










Solvit is ISO 9001:2008  CERTIFIED


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